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We are very sorry but this clearance item is sold out.

Item #: 38002
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Item Description
These wonderful birch room dividers are absolutely awesome for your natural event or for home decor. Leave them completely plain or add floral, strands of beads, and more to the branches. The branches are soft enough that you can pose them easily without the pieces breaking off. You will still need to be careful with them, but the branches are not super dry where they would snap off easily.

There are 4 trees firmly secured into brown "mulch" (which is hard to the touch and looks very real like it should be soft) The pot on the bottom is rectangular in a dark brown wood and measures 8" Deep x 24" Long.

The tree is 84" tall, 48" wide (with branch spread...can be more or less depending on how you "pose" the branches), and 24" deep. Weight: 18lbs.

These are GROWN IN THE USA! No kidding! We can have these custom created for you up to 18' tall!

Just imagine what you can do with these. Use several to fill the empty space or cover the uglies at your event, decorate the branches with butterflies, or birds or flowers, frost them with snow .... there are endless possibilities with our real birch tree room dividers.

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CLEARANCE! - Birch Tree Room Divider 7' Tall x 4' Wide - Deluxe Winter Birch