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Coming Soon - Real Crystal 5 Arm Candelabra "Trista" - 40" Tall!

Item #: 144394
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17 1/2 inches
40 inches
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All the essential details you’d want for the ultimate centerpiece can be found in our new “Trista” Crystal Candelabra! Tall, elegant, majestic and classy, this 40” tall show stopper is luxurious from top to bottom! There are 5 gracefully curved glass hurricane globes that are each 8 ˝” tall and the lip is slightly scalloped which only adds to the elegant look. The cups holding the globes are 4 1/2” in diameter and have a scalloped edge. You could add diamond confetti or colored rose petals to the globes and the edges of the cups, which are pretty flat, and use flameless LED candles. This look is absolutely STUNNING! The height of the globes allow for taper candles approximately 6" tall.

This candelabra comes with 4” long removable acrylic crystals that hang from each decorative cup as well as from a ridge on the stem. The stem on Trista is flawless and perfectly clear and the sides are beveled, a detail that adds another level of style and sophistication! Trista truly has all the beauty and details you’d want in a wedding centerpiece and it’s perfect to use as an accent piece to feature and highlight a dessert table or gift table. The width is 17 ˝” arm to arm and this candelabra weighs 19 lbs.

We offer several styles of crystal candelabras and using the different styles together creates a distinct and awesome look! Please watch the video below to see up close just how exquisite our Crystal Candelabra pieces are and let our gorgeous Crystal Decor Centerpiece items add the detail and luxury you’ve been searching for!
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Coming Soon - Real Crystal 5 Arm Candelabra "Trista" - 40" Tall!
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