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CLEARANCE! Glass Votive Holder "Happiness Is Homemade", 3.75" - Minimum 10Pcs

Item #: 700007
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3 inches
3 3/4 inches
3 inches
Item Description
We are very sorry but this clearance item is sold out. Often we have a comparable product that we can quickly help you find, so please give us a call at 928.855.6075.

Happiness Is Homemade! What a wonderful attitude to live by! It doesn't come from money, from status and you can't find it in a store. It starts from your heart and your efforts to make life more pleasurable, for those you love and for yourself. Spread the message with our delightful candle holder that reminds all that "Happiness Is Homemade"! The words are in raised letters on the side of this clear glass votive holder which is really more like a jar. The glass is 1/8" thick and the stylish cylindrical shape starts at 3" at the bottom and tapers in to 2 1/2" at the top. The holder stands 3 3/4" tall and a 2" tall candle would look just right. You could also use an LED Submersible Floralyte, float a flameless LED candle on top of water jelly pearls or use colorful diamond confetti, sand or marbles to fill this joyous holder. There's a 1/4" lip at the top of the holder so if you added a ribbon it would not slide off or you could decorate with sticky glitter tape. Use as party favors and send your guests home with this heartfelt sentiment that they can repurpose as a flower vase, a candy jar, a holder for lightweight kitchen utensils, scissors, straws, makeup brushes, paintbrushes or pens, pencils, markers and crayons.

Minimum Order 10 Pcs - Regular Selling Price $3.99 each. Sale Price $1.00 (well under our cost) . Order in quantities of 10 and up.
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CLEARANCE! Glass Votive Holder "Happiness Is Homemade", 3.75" - Minimum 10Pcs
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