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Glow In The Dark Beaded Curtains

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Glow In The Dark Beaded Curtains
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Create sensational special effects with Glow in the Dark beaded curtains from ShopWildThings. Add pizazz to an outdoor celebration, a beach house deck or any party room. We have fun glow-in-the-dark bead designs for every occasion.

To get your glow going, simply expose these specialty-beaded curtains to natural or artificial light before your event. You can also create non-stop glow by using a Black Light bulb in any room. For sunset parties outdoors, simply hang or place them during the day to absorb the sunlight for a few hours before your after-dark event.

Choose from our terrific selections of blue or white raindrops beaded curtains or bubbles-shaped beaded blue glow-in-the-dark curtains. We have adorable dolphins curtains and Stars & Moons de´cor curtains that glow in the dark. Choose any, or mix and match for catered dinner celebrations, beach parties or late-night yacht club events.

Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Blue Glow Dark - 3 ft x 6 ft
Bubbles Beaded Curtain - Glow Dark Blue - 3 ft x 6 ft
Raindrops Beaded Curtain - Glow Dark White - 3 ft x 6 ft
Dolphins Beaded Curtain - Glow in the Dark - 3 ft x 6 ft
Our Price: $24.99
Our Price: $24.99
Our Price: $24.99
Our Price: $25.99
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Each curtain measures 35 inches in width by 70 inches in length. The strands of beads are pre-assembled on the rod. All you have to do is place two nails or two hooks through the study metal eyelets on the curtain rod to hang them on walls, in doorways or as backdrops.

Watch our delightful how-to videos that demonstrate how easy it is to place your bead curtains. Hang them side by side to cover wider areas. In addition to traditional hanging hooks, we have hanging hooks on magnets.

Beads that look like raindrops hang in 34 strands from our raindrops beaded glow-in-the-dark curtains. Solid circular shapes drape from 23 strands on our bubbles bead curtains.

Our dolphins-beaded curtains have 23 strands of dolphin-shaped acrylic beads. Our Stars & Moons beaded curtain has 45 strands of round beads interspersed with small and large star-shaped beads and larger beads shaped like crescent moons.

  • Dimensions: 35" x 70"
  • Pre-assembled on the rod for easy installation
  • 23 strands of beads on Dolphin and Bubbles curtains
  • 34 strands on Raindrops curtains
  • 45 strands on Stars & Moons curtains
  • Optional hooks for hanging or mounting
Hanging Hooks for Beaded Curtains - 12pcs- Pipe & Drape Compatible
Our Price: $5.99
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