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Lighting for Homes, Events & Weddings

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Lighting for Homes, Events & Weddings

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Lighting for Homes, Events & Weddings
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Find the right lighting for your special event, retail display or production set at ShopWildThings. From chandeliers and light strands to energy-saving LED light fixtures and remote control lighting systems, we've got the biggest selection and best in-house expertise in the industry for lighting projects of any size.

Shop our chandeliers, light-studded ceiling drapes and beaded curtains. Browse our pendant lamps and plug-in and remote control lighting systems for wall washes and dramatic color-changing light displays.

Our video tutorials will show you how to use our Acolyte C-Lyte LED lights, chandelier light cord kits and battery-operated flameless candles. Our videos will also provide how-to help for LED color-changing light bulbs, LED lanterns and energy-saving wire ball lights. We have all the cords, batteries, adapters, electrical extension kits and other accessories you will need to install and power your lights.

Visit our Décor Photos & Ideas page to learn how ShopWildThings lighting and décor have been used to decorate a Golden Globes ceremony, Academy Awards galas, television and movie sets, pageants and wedding receptions.

See an example of the use of our chandeliers with inserted light kits at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. Watch our fun video on how to use colorful polymer jelly water pearls with submersible LED lights. Watch the how-to videos on our chandelier product pages to discover how easy it is to insert one of our standard light kits or cordless LED light discs.

Shop our eco-friendly, versatile line of Jigsaw light kits and lamps. With easy-to-follow instructions included with each light kit, you can create more than 20 shapes for contemporary lightscapes. Colors range from primary whites and reds to blazing neons.

Our strings of twinkle lights and globe lights on string are popular for creating sparkling retail window displays, charming reception backdrops and delightful dinner parties. Our battery-operated LED light strands can frame a window, decorate a floral arrangement or illuminate a backyard party. You can remotely control the lights on our party lanterns and our wall- and ceiling-mount LED light saucers.

Create the same effect used on Disney theme park rides with our LED flickering flameless pillar candles. They are made with real wax outside and light prisms inside for use with on/off controls and timers. We carry RGB Point N Party remote control event lighting systems. We have light projectors that bathe entire walls with light. We also carry Acolyte brand remote control lighting equipment.

  • Crystal chandeliers sizes start at 3 feet
  • All chandeliers, lamps and hanging lanterns can be fitted with LED lights for an extra special effect
  • Paper lanterns range in size from 4 inches to 20 inches
  • Orders over $100 ship for free in the U.S.

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