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Coming Soon - Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase - Metallic Silver & Clear - 2' Latour Vases

Item #: 143013
Item Specifics
2 feet
5 3/4 inches
2 vases in 1
Item Description
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A reversible vase? Oh yea! We got it and you’re gonna want it! Our new Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase combines the clear, crisp beauty of Glass with the refined sophistication of Metallic Silver in one incredible vase that can be used in 2 different ways! This stylish vase weighs 2 ½ lbs., is 2’ tall and can serve your decorating needs regardless of your event theme. From weddings, anniversary celebrations, holiday parties to restaurant and club décor, this majestic vase can be used in so many ways and your hardest choice will be which trumpet to face up! The clear trumpet has a depth of 15 1/2” while the silver trumpet has a depth of 8 ½”. The glass is ¼” thick and the width inside both trumpets is 5 5/16”. The clear trumpet curves into a 4” in diameter globe which has a bottom to hold floral sprays, water pearl décor or crystal strands.

With the silver side up, you actually have 2 trumpets that you could decorate! You could use a mirror under the vase and place an LED flameless candle or submersible light under the clear trumpet. Placing diamond confetti or acrylic strands over the submersible light to conceal it creates an icy glow that’s really awesome. A small pomander kissing ball also fits under the clear trumpet or you could add glittery tulle, fill with silk rose petals, foam roses or use a floral or metallic spray (the stem will probably have to be cut off). For the top vase, the silver trumpet adds pizazz to metallic sprays and picks, floral sprays, feathers and butterfly sprays or you can top it off with a flower kissing ball or a boxwood topiary ball. The bottom of the silver trumpet can handle a maximum of 1 ½” wide LED light source.

OK, so all of that was just one way to use this vase! Now with the clear side up, you’ve got just as many options but this deeper trumpet allows for longer sprays as well as for using jelly décor with submersible LED lights in addition to all the decorating and floral choices mentioned above. The neck above the globe is just over 1 ½” wide so you can fit a submersible light in the very bottom and it's the perfect spot to add a pretty ribbon! Classy, eye-catching and versatile, this really is one fun vase to decorate!

This is a hand blown glass vase which means that no 2 pieces are identical and minor imperfections like tiny bubbles may be visible. It is not machine made but one of a kind!
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Coming Soon - Reversible Glass Trumpet Vase - Metallic Silver & Clear - 2' Latour Vases
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