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Flowering Dogwood Tree Wedding Heart Arch - 10' Tall x 15' Wide - Cream

Item #: 167070
Item Specifics
15 feet
10 feet
sturdy||branches bend
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Item Description
10' Tall Heart Shaped Wedding Arch, 2 Separate Halves - Use Together or Individually, Artificial Flowering Dogwood With Fluffy Cream Blooms

When you see this Flowering Dogwood Tree Heart Arch from a distance, there's something so captivating about it that you'll find yourself being drawn in to take a closer look and the nearer you get, the more glamorous and elegant it becomes! This dogwood arch really is a jaw-dropping show stopper and it consists of 2 halves that you can place together to form a heart or use them separately. With the branches somewhat raised, the height is 10' so keeping the top branches close to the trunk, the clearance (or maximum ceiling height) is 8.5'. Where the arch curves down, the height is 7' (in the center where the 2 halves meet). Each half is 90" wide so placing them together creates a 15' wide arch (outside measurement). The inside measurement (base plate to base plate) is 88" or just over 7'. With this super-sized beauty, lots of people, short or tall, will be able to celebrate under this arch and there couldn't be a better setting for taking pictures!

Each half holds 27 identical, removable branches, each 32" long with 2" wide fluffy cream flowers. All of the branches bend so you can shape as you desire and the flowers start at the base of the arch and go all along the trunk; it's super full and delicious! With the flower branches on the trunk, the depth (front to back) is approx. 4' to 4.5', depending on how much you bend the branches. The brown trunk is very realistic and each half is attached to a 14" square metal base with 4 stabilizer legs for maximum stability. Assembly time is approx. 30 minutes for 1 person. Please attach the stabilizer legs before you begin assembly.

Please view the short video to see a sampling of our gorgeous flowering trees!

You can add some additional accessories like stringing playful Butterfly Garlands or fairy string lights throughout the arch or add some dazzle with Sparkling Crystal Garlands, Pendants and Ornaments. When only the best will do for your event, choose the best with this easy up, pleasing to the eye, fabulous accent piece!
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Flowering Dogwood Tree Wedding Heart Arch - 10' Tall x 15' Wide - Cream
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