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Create Your Cake Stand - 8" Acrylic PLATE

Item #: 11003
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Item Description
We're offering our cake stands A la carte so that you can buy the pieces that you need and leave the rest. Don't rent these pieces! You can use these to display cupcakes and other goodies at your special event. The tubes are hollow and are 4cm in diameter (which is just over 1.5"). What's great about the size of the opening is that they will easily take our Floralytes inside! Just pop a Floralyte in the bottom and light up this tube as the photo shows. You can even place one of our LED Light Saucers on top to illuminate your display from the top. To create a stand, you?ll need to purchase a tube and 2 cake plates.

You might even consider adding some of our Diamond Wrap to the outside of the plates to make your own custom Blinged out cupcake/cake stand!!!

Our Plates and Tubes are PERFECTLY clear with no blueish tint or frost. These are nicer than many that we see on the market at this same price point!

This part #11003 is for the 8" Diameter Cake Plate.

The Recipe for the Photo of the Chandelier Centerpiece:
1pc: Victoria Chandelier (part #6591874)
1pc: 18" Tube (part #11001)
1pc: 6" Acrylic Plate (part #11002)
1pc: 12" Acrylic Plate (part #11004)
1pc: Submersible Purple Floralyte (part #2008) USE ANY COLOR!
1pc: LED Light Saucer (part # 135561250)

Please note: The TUBE shown in the photo has a frosted finish. The items we are now selling have CLEAR tubes, not frosted.
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