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PVC Round Hanging Column - 3' by 12' Long - USE ANY PVC STYLE!

Item #: 999056
Item Specifics
12 feet
3 feet
hanging||adjustable length
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Item Description
Need a statement piece for your next party that'll impress even the most discerning of clients? Well check out our Custom Made Column that's a whopping 3' wide by 12' long! Made from any PVC style and color of curtains we offer, this column will launch your event into a memorable affair that shows off your exquisite taste and distinctive style!

Our choices of PVC include round, square or triangular discs in silver, gold, fuchsia and many other colorful choices. Some are Metallic Colors that sparkle and shine while others are Fashionable But Less Flashy Colors. Nonetheless, all styles are guaranteed to transform a venues' look while offering your clientele some pretty awesome eye candy!

The photos above are of our Light Gold Shimmy style and you can see how grandiose it is and even manages to turn our warehouse into a pretty snazzy setting! Our own talented, in-house fabricators created this classy piece and got so excited they started snapping faster than red carpet photogs!

The extra-long length makes it an excellent ceiling decoration or corner accent piece. The column header has cross-bars so you can even downlight this fabulous titan with either a plug-in Light Kit or an LED Saucer. Also, the crossbars allow this column to be placed on a freestanding riser for a moveable, stand-alone floor accent piece!

By nature, PVC is lightweight and fire proof and the slightest air movement makes the strands shimmy which creates a pretty showy focal point. The convenient hanging chain cuts decorating time and this column folds into 1 box for easy transportation and storage. All of the beads on our PVC choices are attached to one another with jump rings. This means that you can easily shorten it, lengthen it or create a scalloped bottom if you wish.

Please check out the very short video that shows the easy breezy movement of the Shimmery PVC Beads Styles! To complete the look of your venue, we have chandeliers that match many of our PVC column choices.
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PVC Round Hanging Column - 3' by 12' Long - USE ANY PVC STYLE!
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