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String Curtain Ivory 3FT x 12FT - Polyester & Cotton "Nassau"

Item #: 730039
Item Specifics
3 feet
12 feet
extra long||hanging
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Item Description
Extra Long Ivory Nassau Polyester & Cotton String Curtain Backdrop Over 600 Strands 3' x 12' Long Door & Window Covering

Very stylish and elegant, our 3' wide by 12' long Nassau String Curtain is a drop-dead gorgeous shade of Ivory! This curtain provides very good coverage with over 600 silky soft strands that are each 144" long and the shimmer on this curtain makes it look very rich and classy (we counted over 100 strands in 6 inches)! The cotton rod pocket is 3" deep giving plenty of room to slip this beauty onto just about any type of hardware, pipe, rod, wire or hanger. Another feature is that you can cut these curtains without having to worry about fraying!

Ideal for extra tall windows, this is an excellent choice to accentuate other room features and the light champagne shade on this curtain feels luxurious and ritzy, very easy to blend with many color schemes. String or fringe curtains are a terrific way to accent room features - dress up a window or doorway, use as stage or photo backdrops or for store window displays and they're marvelous as room dividers or at hiding or altering the appearance of a wall, column, closet and pantry or treasure room! Having a large venue wedding or event? Try making into Hanging Columns to fill overhead space while creating truly unique accent pieces.

There are approximately 17 strings per inch and this curtain is very easy to hang and walk through. Use any type of pipe-and-drape, rod or drapery hanging system including wire. This curtain weighs 3 lbs. which makes string curtains an excellent alternative to traditional cloth drapes. Hang multiple panels side by side for a seamless look.

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String Curtain Ivory 3FT x 12FT - Polyester & Cotton "Nassau"
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