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Coming Soon! Gemstone "Chunky" Beaded Curtain - Crystal Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 18 ft

Item #: 19095
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Item Specifics
3 feet
18 feet
24 strands
Item Description
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These wonderful chunky and chic Gemstones are made of the highest grade acrylic possible and have NO iridescent coating on top. This results in a perfectly crystal clear faceted bead. This curtain is also available with an iridescent finish (which is a pearlized top coating that reflects green and pink).

On this curtain, the hanging hardware (the metal eyelets at the top) slide back and forth on the rod making it the PERFECT curtain to alter in width! So if you need to cover a space that's 47" wide, you would use two of this curtain. Just cut the second curtain down and hang it next to the first curtain. This will look like you've got just one perfect curtain hanging up!

Our wonderful heavy-duty acrylic beaded curtains are a perfect addition to any room! Use in the place of regular doors, closet doors, or behind a bed to add the look of height to any room! All beads are attached, just hang it right up using two nails or two small c-hooks.

Bead size: 1/2" Diameter and 1/4"Diameter Alternating

Strand Count: 24 Strands Per Curtain!

Overall Size: 35" Wide, 216" (18 Feet)Long

Hanging Rod Color: White

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Coming Soon! Gemstone "Chunky" Beaded Curtain - Crystal Non-Iridescent - 3 ft x 18 ft
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