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Wire Wreath / Chandelier Form - Triple Tier Frame - 24" Round

Item #: 127060
Item Specifics
24 inches
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Item Description
3 Tier Wire Frame, Round Floral Wreath & Chandelier Form, 24" Diameter

When decorating, a sturdy and reusable layered metal frame is a priceless tool and the absolute foundation for creating hanging floral chandeliers, unique table centerpieces and DIY wreaths. You don't want a skimpy display and our 24", 3 Tier Wire Wreath Frame is exactly the foundation piece you need to make your task quick and easy while creating some pretty phenomenal 3 dimensional displays! The 3 rings measure 19", 21 1/2" and 24" in diameter with 1 1/2" between the tiers. The tiers rise above each other and the distance (height) from the inner tier to the outer is 2" (i.e. this is not a flat wreath). Each ring is 1/8" thick and the design makes this a favorite tool of DIY crafters, wedding planners and event designers!

Create awesome decor using Giant Paper Roses which are super lightweight and add incredible dimension! Vertical gardens are very popular and with the huge variety and high quality of artificial flowers and plants like uniquely textured Succulents, combined with moss, burlap, ribbon, tulle, lights, pendants and ornaments, the sky's the limit for creating some pretty outstanding wall accent pieces!

For a super duper lush display, stack 2 frames on top of each other; get 2 frames, flip one over and fasten them together. Now you've got abundant room for all the goodies you or your client could possibly want! Wreaths are a fantastic way to display loyalty to a favorite hobby or sports team and of course they're perfect for seasonal themes and holidays. Use your own creative juices to make one-of-a-kind centerpieces or use the frame to dangle sparkling crystal bead strands, butterfly or floral garlands from the ceiling or overhead structure. Add some lighting like easy to conceal Fairy String Lights and just like that, you've created your own memorable accent piece!
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Wire Wreath / Chandelier Form - Triple Tier Frame - 24" Round
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