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3 XL Rose Cluster Top WITH STAND! White 12" x 18"

Item #: 186033
Item Specifics
1 foot
18 inches
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Item Description
3 Extra-Large White Roses Cluster Centerpiece With Base, 1' Tall by 18" Wide, Each Rose is 10" Wide With Ribbed Leaves and Bendable Stems

Make sure to check out the short video of this wonderful Rose Cluster where you can really see the scale of the item!

For those in charge of decorating venues, our hats are off to you! Daily, you face challenges that involve wowing your clients and their guests, finding impressive décor that's also affordable and has exceptional quality so it can be used again and again. Enter our White Rose Cluster centerpiece that instantly solves those issues! There are 3 white silk roses, each measuring 10" across by 7" deep, attached to a heavy duty, plastic coated base that's 6 1/2" in diameter. In addition, there are 6 stems of leaves. All of the roses and leaves are on bendable stems so tightly gathered, this cluster measures 1' tall by 18" in diameter but can also be spread to approx. 20" wide.

This extravagant group of flowers is just the right height to use for centerpieces that you can see over and the plastic coated base is safe for all surfaces. It also makes a spectacular topper for risers like our classy Yasmin Floral Stands which come in white or gold, in 2 different heights. Place on top of Grecian Pillar Columns or simply place in Decorative Urns. This cluster sits flat and you can surround the base with matching leafy green garlands. The base is designed so that it can easily be anchored to arches, gazebos or any frame structure.

Anyway that it's displayed, this no fuss White Rose Cluster is extraordinary and solves many decorating dilemmas!
Customer Reviews
3 XL Rose Cluster Top WITH STAND! White 12" x 18"
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