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Oversized Medium Silk Sunflower w/Removable Stem - 12" x 40" Tall

Item #: 186038
Item Specifics
1 foot
40 inches
removable stem
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Item Description
Medium Silk Sunflower with Removable Stem 40" Tall by 1' Wide, Photo Prop, Wedding, Garden Party and Event Decorations

Full of sunshine and joy, you just can't help but smile at our Oversized Silk Sunflower that's 40" tall by 1' wide and has a removable stem! Talk about a stunning decoration, the brilliant golden rays of petals and impressive size makes this one very "happy" flower! The petals are bendable and can be displayed at whatever angle you wish. With the petals at a 45 degree angle, we measured 40" tall by 1' wide so bend the petals for a wider or taller flower. The bloom, or head, is 4 1/2" tall and the stalk is 35 1/2" tall by 1/2" thick with bendable fuzzy leaves, just like real sunflowers. The stalk is semi-bendable and the top has a screw where the bloom attaches and the head will sit upright all by itself!

Adored throughout the world, sunflowers make a memorable display and just using the head, you have an instant joyful centerpiece and you could set it on a large sunflower leaf garland. Another idea is to display them in a tall vase or create an awesome floor display by using them on a riser like our 2 Tiered Stand "Sussex" along with sunflower leaf garlands! A quick yet showy display is to put 3 sunflowers in our Flower Stand designed to support oversized flowers without taking away from their beauty. We have an identical 4' tall large sunflower and 1 large and 1 medium (or 2 medium) sunflowers will fit into 1 of the stem support loops so you could have up to 6 sunflowers using the 3 pole flower stand. That's a whole lotta happy!
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Oversized Medium Silk Sunflower w/Removable Stem - 12" x 40" Tall
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