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Item #: 198805225
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Item Description
Our Extra Tall Mitsumata Branches not only add height but the natural curve of these branches with the light coating of gold glitter make these a distinctive addition to any floral display! You will receive 6 branches, each 4 foot tall by 1/4" wide to create magnificent centerpieces, floor displays, wall decor or floral chandeliers!

As seen in the main photo, these are on clearance due to some areas where the glitter has come off. Under the glitter, the branches are gold so you have to be right on top of them to see this (regardless, score 1 for you!). The 2nd photo shows 1 set of 6 tied together at the bottom and the 3rd photo shows 3 sets of 6.

Statuesque and elegant, these real tree branches have been dried, cured then lightly coated with just the right shade of golden sparkle which adds dimension. Add to live or artificial floral decor or lay down the center of a table with tulle or colorful flower garlands. Create dazzling horizontal wall hangings by intertwining flexible fairy lights or hang lightweight pendants and butterfly garlands.

These showy branches are a natural for floral chandeliers and overhead floral displays which totally transform a room or large venue. Wherever you need an easy to work with, attractive decoration, these Mitsumata Branches are ready to serve for your floor, table, wall or ceiling decorating needs!
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CLEARANCE! Mitsumata Branches Gold Glitter Set of 6 Each 4' Tall
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