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Silk Rose 4Pc Set - 7", 10", 13" & 18" - White - Make Flower Walls!

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18 inches
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Item Description
7", 10", 13" & 18" Set of 4 Assorted Sizes Pure White Silk Roses for 3-D Flower Wall Backdrops, Photo Props, Centerpieces, Cakes, Chair & Table decorations

This set of 4, Pure White Giant Silk Roses makes decorating FUN! It's so easy to create visually stunning Decor anywhere you need a pop of life and the attached rigid wire means these decorations go up in a snap! With the petals fully open, these 3-D flowers measure 18" diameter by 8" deep, 13" diameter by 5" deep, 10" diameter by 4" deep and 7" diameter by 4" deep. A wonderful variety of sizes to create amazing vertical flower gardens and they are impressive as cake decorations and toppers, photo props, centerpieces, table and chair back decorations!

All 4 together only weigh 10 oz. and these roses are so simple and trouble-free to use. An inexpensive way to get a ton of pizazz for your dollar with accent pieces that immediately catch your attention and these roses retain their shape! Even when squished, the petals pop back into place, yet the material is soft and flexible with a slight luster. The underside of the flowers has a rigid wire hook that's 1/2" tall, giving plenty of room to mount these with anything from rope to tree branches!

Whether you're decorating a large venue or adding energy to a bedroom, let these ideas inspire your creative juices. For Weddings, Showers, Events and Garden Parties, Flower and Garden Shops...

  • Combine with Green Wall Mats to create eye-popping Wallscapes
  • Add depth to any wall by creating Flower Wall Backdrops or Vertical Flower Gardens
  • Use as Photo Props or as a Photo Backdrop
  • Run a ribbon thru the attached hook to easily embellish a chair back, enhance a Wedding Arch or beautify pillars and columns
  • Add Rhinestone Stickers to the petals to mimic dewdrops
  • Use as Cake decorations and Toppers or adorn a gift package
  • Simply lay the 4 roses together to form an eye-catching centerpiece
  • Dress up Dessert and Cake Tables or attach to the front side of Head Tables
  • Add Crystal Strands to the loops on the back and string together a Flower Garland to hang from walls and the fronts of tables
  • Accent Silk Floral Walls with these roses to add even more texture or to create a monogram
  • Use Magnetic Hooks on the metal strips of a drop-ceiling to create an Upside Down Garden
  • Use for costumes or one big fancy hat! (Kentucky Derby, anyone?)

  • Instantly add depth and visual stimulation to any surface with this decorating time saver and try back-lighting to give even more dimension! These pure white roses look even more amazing when combined with identical red or pink flower sets. No assembly, ready to use right out of the box, inexpensive, reusable and oh yea, FABULOUS!
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    Silk Rose 4Pc Set - 7", 10", 13" & 18" - White - Make Flower Walls!
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