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Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Scarlett" - 11 1/2" Tall

Item #: 177501
Item Specifics
10 1/2 inches
11 1/2 inches
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Item Description
5 Arm Tabletop Candelabra "Scarlett", 11 1/2" Tall With A Faceted Crystal Stem and Mirrored Base For Taper or Votive Candles

Dress up your table, mantle, bookshelf or desk with our 5 Arm "Scarlett" K5 Crystal Candelabra! Chic and petite, this classy candelabra is 11 1/2" tall by 10 1/2" wide with 5 tulip shaped cups that can hold either 3/4" wide tapers or 1 1/2" wide votive candles. The mirrored base is 3 3/4" in diameter and has faceted edges. The stem is completely faceted with gorgeous crystal spheres that shine like crazy. Scarlett is just as stunning and every bit as elegant as our larger candelabras, she's just a bit daintier!

For event coordinators or wedding and party planners, Scarlett scores extra points for ease of transportation and storage and she comes in 1 piece with nothing to assemble (except for adding candles)! This is the kind of centerpiece you need when you want an affordable ritzy statement piece with zero setup time, but with the important feature of being able to choose your candle style. If you prefer tapers, try our 6" Tall LED Flameless Flickering Tapers for a warm and cozy look. If you prefer a lower profile, try shorter Votive Candles.

Using shorter, flameless candles you can switch up the look while introducing color by placing a 6" Pomander Kissing Ball on the center cup which also adds a refreshing floral aspect! This candelabra makes an excellent wedding or anniversary gift and quite frankly, adds a lot of finesse to an office desk!

The video below shows one of our Crystal Candelabra pieces so you can see just how gorgeous our line of crystal candle holders are!
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Crystal 5 Cup Candelabra "Scarlett" - 11 1/2" Tall
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