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SALE! 3 Genuine Capiz Shell Garlands - Magenta Shells - 56" Each Strand

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3 inches
56 inches
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Item Description
3 Strands, Each 56" Long With 14-15 Capiz Shells Strung on Monofilament With Metal Hanging Ring

These beautiful Capiz Shell Strands are real, one of natures' own and they have a stunning pearlized finish that make them just absolutely beyond elegant! They have been dyed a bright magenta color that reminds us of the rich colors of the tropics! You will receive 3 strands, each measuring 56" long and there is a metal ring at the top for instant decorating and the sound they make when touched by a breeze is simply magical! There are 14-15 shells strung on monofilament line and they measure approx. 2" to 3" in diameter. By nature, they are not perfectly round which adds to their appeal.

Ideal for beach weddings, luau parties, tropical-themed festivities and events or if you're a lover of shells! You can make a curtain or divider by sliding several onto a pipe or create a chandelier by hanging from a round ring!

Capiz shells are the outer shell of a marine mollusk and they are somewhat transparent and delicate. If your hand is directly touching the other side of the shell, you can see it but you cannot see objects about 5" away. Shells in general are pretty resilient but please know that these capiz shells will break with rough treatment and tiny bits of the edges may flake off.
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SALE! 3 Genuine Capiz Shell Garlands - Magenta Shells - 56" Each Strand
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