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Decorative Laser Cut Column "Gwen" | White - 5 Feet Tall x 19" Square

Item #: 177211
Item Specifics
5 feet
19 inches
stores flat||paintable||hollow
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Item Description
5' Tall 19" Square Column with Intricate Lasercut Carved Detailing. 4 Panel Design with Top and Bottom Plates to Create Tall Lighted Wedding and Event Pillars or Use as Room Screen Divider.

We have two videos for you to view: Close-Up Product Video and an Assembly Video! Make sure to view them both!

Portable decorations save time and make life so much easier and our versatile Laser Cut "Gwen" Pillar Column is a key tool for event planners on the go! This extraordinary column has 4 side panels with tabs and holes that quickly snap together, along with a top and bottom plate. "Gwen" stands 5' tall, is 19" in diameter and the elegant cut out detailing on all 4 sides and the top plate are suited for black-tie weddings and events! The bottom plate is solid, giving a neat and clean look while providing an area to hold a Color Changing Up Light, which looks amazing! The top plate is carved, allowing lights to shine up as well as give an area to hold lightweight flower arrangements. "Gwen" is finished on all sides, the panels are 1/2" thick, it weighs 15 lbs. and stores flat (as in 1 1/2" thick with all pieces stacked together flat)!

We did say versatile so here are a few more ideas:
  • Snap together 2 panels to jazz up unattractive corners.
  • Snap together 3 panels in a U shape to cover unsightly pipes or other room "distractions".
  • Snap together all 4 panels in a fan fold shape to create a 52" wide decorative screen/room divider.
  • All of these configurations stand on their own and can quickly be assembled or disassembled!

    This sturdy column is high quality and as with our entire line of laser cut items, the detailing is phenomenal and they can be painted. The top plate is recessed by 1" so you can attach Hanging Floral Blooms & Garlands or butterfly garlands to accentuate the outside of the column. Using the cut outs in the top plate, attach thin Fairy Light Strands to hang down and light up the inside of the hollow column. Lights shining through lacy cut outs? Exquisite! Attach tulle or glistening crystal beaded garland strands inside the column along with lights? STUNNING!

    Portable, versatile and elegant! Effortless party decorations are priceless. Effortless party decorations are here!

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