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Flower Wall Kit - 8' x 8' Portable Backdrop Kit - White Roses, Peonies & Hydrangeas

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8 feet
8 feet
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Item Description
Portable Wedding and Event Backdrop, 8' Tall x 8' Wide White Flower Wall Kit, Backdrop for Head Table, Photos and Special Events

So, you need an outstanding flower or landscape backdrop for your events but can't believe just how frustrating it is gathering all the pieces together. Where do I begin? What size of backdrop should I make? How many flower walls do I need and how do I attach them? How do I transport a wall? The dog ate my tape measure! Arrrggghhh! Anyone know an engineer?

Relax, smile and breathe! Success is yours! Our Flower Wall Kits are nothing short of spectacular and you will shine like a super star for having the perfect, jaw dropping backdrop, admired by all (go ahead and take your well-deserved bow)! With our amazing variety of greenery landscape walls, colorful flower walls in many styles and textures mounted on heavy duty webbing, it's our great pleasure to see your vision come to life!

Use an existing backdrop structure or wall to display this 8' x 8' field of flowers and the flexible fencing makes this perfect for curved walls! Or, attach to our Professional Grade Pipe & Drape Backdrop to create a stand-alone wall of flowers! Optionally, add valance hangers and a 2nd crossbar to the backdrop to hang sheers in front to frame the wall. The 2nd crossbar also creates a space to hold flower garlands and flowering tree branches. With or without the pipe and drape hardware, this flower kit offers all the options you need to create the dramatic flair that will send your event over the top!

This Flower Wall Kit features our Pure White Roses, Peonies & Hydrangeas Silk Flower Wall and contains:
  • 24 Pcs White Flower Walls that are super full with large roses, peonies and hydrangeas
  • 64 Square feet of Extra Strength Polypropylene Fencing, lightweight but incredibly tough
  • 100 Zip Ties (wire ties), each 8" long, to secure the walls to the fencing and optionally to secure the wall to a pipe and drape backdrop

  • The long side of the flower wall frame is 23" and should be placed horizontally along the fencing. Four walls will make 1 row. The overhang of the flowers will conceal the fencing. We placed 2 rows across the top, 3 rows coming up from the bottom, then cut 2 walls to fill in the mid-section. Do a little fluffing and you're set! Optionally add string lights, signs & logos or use artificial flower blooms to accentuate as you desire. Since the back of the flower walls and the fencing are a grid, there are tons of attachment points for extra goodies.

    One huge advantage of using the pipe & drape backdrop is that it is much easier to assemble the wall once the fencing has been attached to the pipes. Another advantage is that it's easy to swap out the look you’re after. If you have a flower wall kit and need a different color or say you want greenery, just clip the wire ties that hold the entire wall to the backdrop pipes and swap in a different kit!
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    Flower Wall Kit - 8' x 8' Portable Backdrop Kit - White Roses, Peonies & Hydrangeas
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