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Greenery Garland - Flexible Eucalyptus Leaf Vine 5.5Feet

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5 inches
66 inches
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Item Description
5 1/2 Foot Long Eucalyptus Garland, Flexible Greenery Vine, Extra Full and Extra Long to Hang from Arches, Pipe and Drape Canopies, Gazeebos and Overhead Frames and Structures, Swag over Doors, Wrap around Columns

Flowers are an essential element for weddings, special events and everyday decor, but adding greenery greatly enhances any display, perfectly completing the visual and we just made that easy with our 5 1/2 foot long Eucalyptus Leaf Garland Vine! Completely flexible and very full, this garland is loaded with the distinctive looking eucalyptus leaves in varying shades of green. The tips are a lighter green with tinges of soft red here and there (just like new growth) and the remaining leaves and vine are dark green. This garland is 5" wide and the leaves surround the vine so this garland can hang anywhere with no bare spots!

Top event planners and designers are taking advantage of every part of their venues by adding overhead floral chandeliers to completely surround guests in luscious natural foliage and this garland is an ideal addition for lavish draping designs. Using a 2-Tier Display Frame, dangle flowers and green garlands to create suspended floral magic! For jungle or nature themed events, simply hang multiple garlands at the entrance to your venue to set the party mood the second your guests arrive!

The softness and flexibility of this garland means you can wrap it around columns or a Pipe and Drape Ceremony Canopy as well as a trellis or wedding arch. For a tablescape centerpiece, lay this garland down by itself, lay it atop cool to the touch Fairy String Lights, serpentine it around flameless candles or attach to the front of tables and swag over door frames. DIY crafters love the ease of use and the versatility this garland provides. Since it is a generous 5 1/2' long, you can cut it into smaller sections for crafts and wreath decorations.
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Greenery Garland - Flexible Eucalyptus Leaf Vine 5.5Feet
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