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Chandelier Cascadia - 6 Tiers Silver Diamante Duo - 7 Feet Long!

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Item Specifics
7 feet
16 inches
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Item Description
Cascadia Round Chandelier, 6 Tiers of Metallic Silver Beads, 7' Long by 16" Wide Plus 19" Long Chain, Hanging Chandelier or Floor Accent Piece

Huge and brilliant! Our Cascadia chandelier has 6 fabulous tiers of beads and is a whopping 7 Feet Long! The diameter of the top tier is 16" and the bottom tier is 4 1/2". This chandelier features our "Diamante Duo" beads that are available as curtains as well. These beads are highly faceted so they catch the light beautifully. Each "Diamante Duo" strand alternates between two bead sizes all the way down the strand: XLarge Diamante 3/4", Large Diamante 1/2". This chandelier weighs 9 lbs.

Cascadia is a chandelier decoration and does not come with a Light Cord Kit but it is designed to hold one. The top center of the chandelier already has the hardware needed to hold the light kit in place. Optionally you can place a large LED light saucer on the light frame.

To create a memorable accent piece for floor decor, place Cascadia on top of one of our Heavy Duty, Height Adjustable Risers. Spectacular! Our risers come with 18" long crossbars to support the chandelier and since Cascadia is only 16" in diameter, there will be about 1" of crossbar exposed on each end but may not be noticeable if the riser is super tall. If you choose to use a different riser, please ensure it's capable of safely holding this 9 lb. decoration.
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Chandelier Cascadia - 6 Tiers Silver Diamante Duo - 7 Feet Long!
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