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Wavy Top Rod Beaded Curtains - 4 Choices

Wavy Top Rod Beaded Curtains - 4 Choices

Achieve a dramatic Decorating effect with wavy-top rod beaded curtains with black metal tops in a wave design that stays put. These gorgeous beaded curtains from ShopWildThings can be hung from the ceiling or a doorway for an elegant room divider or retail window display. They're heavenly at restaurant entrances and positively glorious at posh galas.

Click on the photos and videos for close-up views of how our silver bubbles beaded curtains on wavy rods were used on the hit television show Dancing with the Stars. We offer ready-cut and custom wavy top beaded curtains.

The silver bubbles beaded curtain with a wavy top is 8 feet long with 33 strands of beads. Because the strands arrive already attached to the rod, it's simple to hang from the ceiling or flat against walls. Each curtain is 25 inches wide. Our 8-foot metal wave curtain in gunmetal gray and diamond-cut acrylic crystals has 45 strands of alternating bead styles.
Our faux diamond crystal wavy-top curtain or room divider comes with the hardware for hanging or placement against a wall. It's 8 feet long, 25 inches wide and has 45 strands of bead per curtain. Click on the video to see how dazzling they look reflecting the light in a gentle breeze.

We also carry fabulous wave ball chain beaded curtains with faux steel or faux crystal beads. Each is 25 inches wide and 8 feet long with 45 strands of beads per chain ball curtain. If you've got questions, ask our design pros. Add unique touches with our coordinating chandeliers, beads by the roll and gorgeous tabletop de´cor.

  • 25" wide x 8' long
  • Strands vary from 33 to 45 per curtain
  • Pre-assembled on the rod for easy hanging
  • Custom widths and lengths available
  • Top metal rod has permanent wave design

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