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Gold Spiral Candelabra "Mansi" - 8 Glass Cups - 54" Tall

Item #: 177802
Item Specifics
11 inches
54 inches
tabletop||floor standing
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Item Description
Spiral Candelabra "Mansi" With 8 Stems and Removable Glass Hurricane Chimney Shades, Gold Spires Swirl From 54" Tall to 26 1/4" Tall

Illuminate the night in luxury with our "Mansi" 8 Stem Gold Candelabra that has a graceful spiral to make any event feel upscale and glamorous! Mounted on an 11" square gold base, the 8 arms are topped with a candle cup to hold 1" wide taper or 1.5" wide pillar and votive candles. Each glass hurricane chimney shade is 9 3/4" tall by 2" wide and slides over the cup. The varying height of the stems and the spiral configuration creates a visually stunning and exquisite focal point!

Use real wax candles, flameless LED candles or add some color with our LED Submersible Lights. The versatility of removable hurricane chimneys insures real wax candle flames will be protected and the golden candle holder stems look equally elegant with or without the shades. The grandeur of this candelabra also makes it an eye-catching floor accent piece and the height and uniqueness are ideal to frame an altar, highlight an alcove or accentuate tall floral arrangements.

This entire candelabra comes disassembled but takes minimal time to put together - no tools required. Screw the poles together as noted below then screw them to the base plate. Screw the cups to the top of the poles. When candelabra is positioned where you want it, carefully put on the hurricane glasses.

Configuration of poles from tallest to shortest: 23.5" + 20" / 20" + 19.5" / 19.5 + 16" / 16 + 16" / 27.5" / 23.5" / 19.5" / 16"
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Gold Spiral Candelabra "Mansi" - 8 Glass Cups - 54" Tall
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