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Mackenzie Beaded Curtain - Aqua Blue Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft

Item #: 998037
Item Specifics
3 feet
6 feet
23 strands
Item Description
So shiny and beautiful, you'd think the beads on this curtain were made from glass but it's just the awesome shade of aqua blue topped with an iridescent coating that make this Mackenzie Hanging Curtain a glamorous yet tranquil accent piece! There are 23 strands of beads whose surface is uniquely faceted with tiny little squares making this one of the most reflective curtains that we carry! The beads are square and are hung on a diagonal for a "diamond" shaped appearance. The beads are 3/4" and 1/2" alternating down the strand. This curtain is 35" wide by 70" long and the header rod is baby blue. Each high grade acrylic bead is attached to the plastic header rod so you can just take the door beads out of the box and hang it using the attached metal eyelets.

Beaded curtains (some call them door beads, hippy beads etc) are wonderful in the doorways but are actually used quite a bit in windows, as backdrops for photographers, as backdrops for weddings and events, suspended from the ceiling for parties and events, as wall coverings and more. Anywhere that you'd like to incorporate sparkle, shine, or color is a great place to hang a beaded curtain. Our beaded curtains have the beads molded directly on the line, so that you can trim length easily without beads falling off. Just use scissors! Some folks even buy our stunning curtains to cut them up and just use the beads for other projects because of the very low cost for such high grade acrylic. Whatever your purpose for using these curtains, you'll be happy that you chose ShopWildThings. Our quality and service are second to none.
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Mackenzie Beaded Curtain - Aqua Blue Iridescent - 3 ft x 6 ft
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