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Item #: 999144
Item Specifics
35 inches
6 feet
hanging||beaded||ornate rod
23 strands
Item Description
Amber Brown Chunky Gemstone Beaded Curtain with Blinged Out Header Rod 3' Wide x 6' Long Door or Window Cover, Room Divider or Wall Hanging Backdrop

This popular curtain was purchased from us for the set of "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and we decided to fancy it up a bit by adding our diamond wrap bling to the header rail and WOW, it's just the perfect finishing touch to this already fabulous curtain! Our Amber Brown Gemstone curtain has 23 strands hanging from a 35" wide header rod and the total length is 6'. The rod has 2 eyelets for instant hanging and it is blinged out on both sides, which makes it great to use in a doorway.

Our exquisite gemstone beaded curtain is the result of many many many requests for a "chunkier jewel" set of door beads and the colors and bead size truly give new life to your space! At 3.9 lbs., this is one of the heaviest curtains we carry and it has tons of great detail with the faceted beads in various gemstone cuts! The earthy colors are amber, rootbeer brown and clear with NO IRIDESCENT coating on the beads (no pearly top-coat that reflects other colors).

Beaded curtains add texture, whimsy and interest to windows, walls and doorways and they're one of the easiest and quickest ways to transform ordinary to ornate! In front of a window, you'll love the way the sun shines through them and if hanging in a high traffic doorway, you may want to tie back the sides. Feel free to trim the length without fear of damaging the curtain.
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Gemstone Beaded Curtain - Brown Amber Non-Iridescent with BLING ROD! 35 in x 6 ft
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