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Virtual Vacays that Will Inspire Your Outdoor Space Transformations

Virtual Vacays that Will Inspire Your Outdoor Space Transformations

As we head into our second week of frigid temps in the Southland (and most of the rest of the country), we're seriously ready for some springtime. Dogwoods blooming. Baseball practice. Going outside without layers of wool and fleece.

Since we've got at least a month or two of winter left, we are making our own fun break from this winter ick by taking an out-of-body mini vacation. Destination(s): Amazing Outdoor Spaces that Transport Us to a Happier (Warmer) State of Mind.

Here are some of the most inspired spaces we're visiting (mentally) and planning to incorporate into our springtime outdoor redo.

we're total suckers for vibrant colors, romantic curtains, and a Moroccan vibe. This stunning outdoor lounge combines Curtains, a to-die-for Moroccan chandelier, an array of tabletop lanterns, and vibrant oranges, reds, and pinks in a retreat that will truly transport. Two tickets to wherever this is, please.

With a completely different ambience but a similar capacity to lure us into a tropical state of mind, this sunny outdoor living room is both functional and fabulous. Tall, dramatic curtains offer shade and diffusion when closed and can be tied back for basking in the sun and taking in the views. We especially love the neutral color scheme enlivened by pops of mango, coral, and green. Pillows are such a versatile, high impact way to set the tone while leaving room for changes of tastes and seasons.

In the 3rd photo, this porch seems made for lounging, and that sweater style couch is totally calling our name with a nap time invitation. The boho chic curtains add to the relaxed attitude of this cozy porch, and the strand of party lights adds a cool nighttime accent above them. The suspended bird cage and Glass Globes are a pretty, cost-effective alternative to a chandelier, with none of the electrical wires to install and hide.

we've long loved the look of layered lanterns (4th photo), and combined with comfy seating and this view, we can pretty thoroughly forget our wintertime troubles as we step into this photograph and sit a spell.

And in the last photo, we kind of love this charming, doable retreat right in an everyday backyard. Repurposing a four poster bed frame as a stylish lounge area, complete with sunshade curtains, String Lights and lanterns makes this corner of the yard a sexy spot for sipping a glass of wine and unwinding from the day.

Whether you live in an area that's been blanketed by white stuff or are coming out of the post-holiday winter madness in a warmer clime, we hope that you've enjoyed our mental vacay to inspiring outdoor spaces. We can't wait for a little thawing and the chance to redo our own outdoor space this spring.
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