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SALE ! Antique "Beacon Style" Lightbulb - Cylinder Filament

Item #: 300001
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Item Specifics
7 inches
standard, 40 watts
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Item Description
OK so we know that flourescent bulbs are "greener" but have you looked at your reflection under a flourescent bulb? enter our Vintage Antique Filament Bulbs and look fabulous all the time! These bulbs are known for their soft glow and ambient light. The super-cool look of these bulbs is just the icing on the cake. You look amazing, the lights look amazing, it's really a win-win. You can put them in a light fixture OR simply hang them from an electrical cord with a socket (not included). SO easy! 40 Watts 7" tall sold individually.
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SALE ! Antique "Beacon Style" Lightbulb - Cylinder Filament
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