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Grassy Green Landscape Wall Mat 10 1/2" Square

Item #: 144595
Item Specifics
10 1/2 inches
10 1/2 inches
1 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Natural Green Artificial Grass Wall Landscape Mat 10 1/2" x 10 1/2" Square 1 1/2" Deep.

So lifelike, this Grassy Green Landscape Wall Mat features the vibrant colors of new growth with darker undertones of established growth. The green plastic grid is a 10" square with the lush foliage covering the edges actually making it a 10 1/2" square by 1 1/2" deep. it's thick and dense, ready to create lively backdrops and wallscapes! This mat would make a unique table runner for garden parties or to use in centerpiece designs to anchor a vase or to 'plant' foam roses!

There is a minimum order of 2 wall mats.

Bringing the exceptional colors and unique textures of the great outdoors to inside settings has never been easier and this 5.4 oz. mat is so flexible you can completely bend it to cover rounded surfaces or corners and it's easy to cut into patterns or shape around existing features like the base of a Flowering Tree or a free-standing Shepherd's Hook. Staple to a wall or use wire ties to attach to a framework and liven up a patio or rec room wall, bring energy to a basement or sunroom and instantly enjoy the calming qualities of green life. Pair with or create a border around Flower Walls to create a textural design or pattern.

The mixture of light and dark green adds depth and looks fresh and alive, like actual grass so adding accents like Foam or Paper Flowers really makes for an impressive yet naturalistic wall display. Add more interest by attaching Fairy Firefly Pearls to the grid because if you've got grass, you need fireflies, right?

Use these grass mats to transform event halls and wedding receptions into lush garden sanctuaries. Cover walls, screens and lattice work, camouflage doors and fences or use to convert stage backdrops into a wall of lively greenery!
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