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Balloon Arch Kit 9' Tall x 19' Wide - 400 Balloon Capacity

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19 feet
9 feet
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Item Description
9ft Tall by 19ft Wide Balloon Party Arch Kit Off-White Frame Holds 400 Balloons - Event Entryway or Backdrop (Balloons Not Included)

Gotta love a party in a box! Our Balloon Arch Kit is 9' tall by 19' wide, made from super heavy-duty plastic and can hold up to 400 balloons! Easy up, portable and ready for any party or event, this fun-loving accent piece can be as snazzy or modest as you want! Each base is a 13 1/2" square with a hole on top to fill with sand or water. The off-white base is a bit decorative and attractive as is, or you can cover it. The arch connector poles fold for compact storage and you will also receive 100 balloon rings, each with slots to hold 4 balloon knots for a total of 400 balloons! This kit weighs 6.8 lbs., is portable and collapses to fit in a 31 x 15 x 7" carrying box. Balloons not included.

Create a wedding ceremony arch, a reception entryway or a focal point backdrop and enhance with lightweight decorations like Beaded Crystal Garland Strands, flower garlands, butterfly garlands, paper tassels or curly ribbon. By the way, our beaded garland strands with a bead size around 1/2" fit into the slots on the balloon rings! If you're having an outdoor event or have a venue with a high ceiling, place the bases on tables and to really showcase your arch, add LED Balloon Lights! Ideal for weddings, birthdays, showers, anniversaries, holiday celebrations, graduations, proms and banquets. Mixing balloon sizes and shapes can really make a distinctive display!

You will receive:
  • 2 Fillable Bases
  • 2 Connector Tubes
  • 12 Foldable Arch Connector Poles
  • 100 Balloon Rings (each w/4 slots)

  • Fill bases with sand or water. Place the pointy end of a connector tube into the base and turn clockwise until it stops. Unscrew the top ring of the connector and fill the slots with the knots of inflated balloons then screw back on (repeat this step for the 2nd base). Carefully insert one end of the foldable poles into one of the bases. Thread the balloon rings onto the foldable poles and insert the other end into the 2nd base to form the arch. Now you can add your inflated balloons to the rings. Optionally you can add the balloons before your thread the rings onto the poles we just think this way is easier, especially if you're trying to make a pattern or spiral of colors.
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