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CLEARANCE! Plain Bamboo Curtain 123 Strands 35" x 75-78"

Item #: 998011
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Item Specifics
35 inches
78 inches
123 strands
Item Description
We are very sorry but this clearance item is sold out. Often we have a comparable product that we can quickly help you find, so please give us a call at 928.855.6075.

This 5-Star Rated Curtain is an all-time favorite of our customers and we only have 1 curtain available at this price. This curtain is our 125 strand plain bamboo curtain that has 2 strands that broke part way down. The 1st 2 photos are this actual item showing the flaw (towards the center). If you tied the strands to the sides, nobody would even know so if 123 strands is good for you, you're gonna get a great deal!

Incredible curtain! THIS awesome plain bamboo beaded door curtain gives SO much coverage! The wooden hanger at the top completes this classy and natural look. The natural color of bamboo is always trendy and goes with anything! Hang it right out of the box to transform a wall or doorway entrance, use as a room separator, backdrop or to cover a closet. So many possibilities and it only takes minutes! This curtain is 35.5" wide, 6.5' long and has 2 metal eyelets attached to the head rail. The space between the strands is only 1/8" so this curtain does not provide complete coverage but it's enough to keep those unmentionables concealed when you need to, or tie the strands off to the sides when you want an open look!

Enjoy creating a new look for your home or office!

You can tie it to the side, let it hang all the way down, put it in a doorway, use it to create the illusion of a separate area in one room, use it as a window curtain (will not provide 100% privacy at night)...the possibilities are endless. You can even hang two curtains next to each other for wider spaces.
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CLEARANCE! Plain Bamboo Curtain 123 Strands 35" x 75-78"
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