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Item #: 999179
Item Specifics
8 - 14 Feet Adjustable
2 Inches
free standing||super heavy duty
Item Description
Make our 14 Foot Tall Hanging Crystal Columns stand alone with our super-heavy-duty Riser Stand Kits. Sometimes venues would prefer that you not hang from their ceilings, so we're answering that call! This carefully chosen kit will allow you to use our popular Hanging Columns as a freestanding decoration without the fear of having them tip-over. Safety is a huge concern for all event planners, and we've taken special precautions to select the best kits for each size Column. We are offering Telescoping Riser Stands for all of our Crystal Column sizes from 9 feet to 20 Feet Tall!

PLEASE NOTE: This product does not include the Crystal Column. Please see the Shipping information at the bottom of this page. If you have ALREADY purchased a Crystal Column from us before ordering this item, you'll need to cut the cross-bars out of the center to make this riser work with it. It is very easy with a small Dremel tool or similar. If you're purchasing a Crystal Column at the same time that you are purchasing this Freestanding Riser, we will cut the center out of the Crystal Column for you before shipping it all out.

This kit is optional. Your Hanging Crystal Column will still hang from the ceiling without this kit. This kit is intended to make it possible for you to safely use the Hanging Columns to stand on their own.

Images of the Top Portion that holds the Columns on top of this set are coming soon!

You will get a telescoping slip collar two piece upright, a heavy base that's 18" x 18" (35pounds), a 9" pin (for the ultimate in stability for the 14 foot columns), and our patent pending Column Cross-bar system that we've developed especially to hold ShopWildThings columns on top of these risers.

The upright that comes with this set can adjust from 8 Feet Tall up to 14 Feet Tall. It comes with 2 poles, one base, and 1 pin.

We have carefully chosen the parts in this kit to be easy to use, very heavy-duty, and to last event after event. The bases and pins are designed to easily support the weight of our heaviest Crystal Beaded Columns.

The upright is ultra-strong anodized aluminum and 2" in diameter on the outside. It can be adjusted to the desired height by simply adjusting the inner pipe upward. You'll raise the inner pipe and the locking ball bearing inside will make it easy to lock it in place.

To hang our Columns on top of this riser, use our Patent Pending Cross-Bar system on the top. We'll send installation instructions and photos with your order. The outside ring of your Round OR Square Column will fit perfectly into this holder for the ultimate stability.

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