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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  How to Decorate a Luxury Beach Wedding with Crystals & Chandeliers
How to Decorate a Luxury Beach Wedding with Crystals & Chandeliers

How to Decorate a Luxury Beach Wedding with Crystals & Chandeliers

Chandeliers and Crystals Pack Sparkle for A Royal Beach Wedding

Gorgeous Oceanfront Ceremony Set Off by Jewel Tones and Chandeliers

The key to getting the absolute most out of a stunning oceanfront view is in the ability of your design elements to hold their own against an expanse of sand, sun, and waves.

Emily Smiley of Emily Smiley Fine Weddings and SoirŽes has an impressive portfolio that demonstrates her ability to bring that unique balance to a variety of gorgeous event settings.

In this California beachfront wedding, jewel toned orchids, an ombrŽ petal path down the aisle, and a single large chandelier provide plenty of contrast and color while accentuating the natural beauty of this outdoor wedding. Large vases in a variety of sizes anchor the aisle on each side, overflowing with even more fuchsia and pink orchids.

Inside, guests are greeted by this showstopping placecard table, showcasing a large manzanita tree dripping with dozens of crystal strands and pendants. A heavy dose of jewel toned florals provides continuity with the outdoor ceremony space and contrast against the hotel ballroom. The fact that the manzanita tree and the crystal strands are high quality, reusable pieces increases both their planet-friendliness and their value as core pieces of an event designer"s go to arsenal.

We love the repetition of the jewel tone theme inside, both in the florals and in the event lighting ~ the effect is marvelous.

If you"re wondering how to choose between the three types of crystal beads that we offer, check out our article and video on just that topic here. Hint: the keys are viewing distance and setup time.

See our Queen Crystal Chandelier

See all of our Potted Trees

See Beaded Curtains with High Quality Acrylic Strands

See our Acrylic Pendants perfect for adding to Strands

Royal Tables and a Reception Fit for a King and Queen

This wide shot captures the overall effect of a well done royal table. This on trend seating arrangement hits a new level with this extra long banquet table. Marrying jewel tones with candlelight in both suspended and tabletop arrangements combines drama and romance in perfect harmony. The branches and orchids overhead are truly a jaw-dropping design element, and suspended votives and vases of candles offer just the right touch of soft, flattering light.

And just because it is that amazing, we have to show you this shot of the royal table framed by crystal bead strands. (If you"re wondering why you need our higher quality crystal bead strands for eye level Decor, look no further than this guest"s eye view.)

See some stunning branches here!

Hanging Candle Holders

Tabletop Candle Holders are here.

Stunning Centerpieces Complete a Luxury Look

With a to die for ceremony space, an elegant royal table, and a venue as gorgeous as this one, it might be tempting to opt for run-of-the-mill centerpieces. Going the extra mile with an imaginative arrangement like this one is the mark of truly top shelf event design, and it is also a way to treat every table of guests royally.

Combining a vibrant floral display on a tall metallic riser with suspended candle holders and tealights is a lovely way to bring color, candlelight, and conversation to smaller tables. We even spy a mercury glass votive at the base ~ another staple Decor item that is so versatile that it pays for itself in just a few events, and keeps on working for years.

Centerpiece Display Risers

Hanging Candle Holders

Small Gold Votive Holders

We are constantly on the lookout for upcoming and established event design pros who know how to take excellent products and turn them into amazing eventscapes. This wedding features a designer we know we"ll be seeing more of, and tons of products that are elegant enough to fit into upscale venues and tough enough to stand up to years of heavy usage.

Our customer service folks would love to help you find the best products for your events and your market, and to ship them to your door quickly and affordably. We are a small family company, and we pride ourselves on being a great place to work and a great partner to do business with.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let the nicest people in the industry put hands on product knowledge, international purchasing power, and small town values to work for your business. We know that you have choices, and we look forward to earning our place as your favorite Decor vendor by offering top quality, innovative staple event products at competitive prices.
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