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Home  >  Bead Curtains as Room Dividers to Showcase Space in Your Kids' Rooms
Bead Curtains as Room Dividers to Showcase Space in Your Kids' Rooms

Bead Curtains as Room Dividers to Showcase Space in Your Kids' Rooms

We are pretty darned sure that we saw some of our sparkliest curtains on "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" last night (backdrop of Ken"s and Mauricio"s combined birthday party?), and we kinda love flipping channels and seeing our sparkles on television.

But one of the best everyday uses that we see for bead curtains is as room dividers, and especially as housing markets heat up around the country, we love sharing budget-friendly home enhancers that will help make your home show well and sell quickly. Bead curtains provide a visual line between functional areas without interrupting the flow of light at all ~ actually some of our Acrylic Bead Curtains sparkle so much that they seem to add light to the room. And as we head into spring real estate season and a hot home market for most of the country, we wanted to show off some very easy home installations of bead curtains that will help you get the most bang for your buck in children"s and teens" rooms. Whether you're loving it or listing it, your home will benefit from these very manageable, functional space savers as you make the best use of available nooks, crannies, and closets.

This awesome children"s room, complete with a modern canopy bed (and under bed storage | hurrah!), makes the most of its available sunlight with soft white, light diffusing sheer curtains and fun, colorful bead curtains in the window. We love the way that the over bed Chandelier echoes the colors and design of the bead curtains, too. This room brings just the right amount of bright color balanced with pastels and light wood, and form and function meet beautifully on a real world budget.

The bead curtain entrance to a purple haven of a girl"s room sets the tone for a fun, funky room that is not too childish and not too grown up. (Do we spy a Jigsaw Puzzle Lamp on the nightstand, too? Sure looks like one.

3rd photo: We just adore a window seat almost anywhere, and the bead curtains separating this one from the desk hit just the right note of form and function. Makes us want to draw the curtains across and cuddle up with a good book. Or four. Or maybe even a little homework.

If you're lucky enough to have ~ or to be able to build ~ a wall frame like the one in the 4th photo, we love the beaded curtain divider hung from it. Another great way to divide visual space without sacrificing light or investing too much money. And many people get a similar effect without the framing, just by hanging the curtains from the ceiling itself.

If you're fortunate enough to have privacy and great light, a corner installation of some of our funkier bead curtains alongside brigh String Curtains is a great way to capitalize on both the architectural features (those windows are to die for) and the play of sunlight on beads without losing a great view.

Whether you're showcasing your home to sell in this revved up market, or making the most of the space you're in, bead curtains are hard to beat for a stylish, space saving addition to your kids" rooms. we'd love to see how you make the most of your space with bead curtains!
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