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Bead Curtains for Real People|Enhancing a Wedding or a Home on a Budget

Bead Curtains for Real People|Enhancing a Wedding or a Home on a Budget

Shop Wild Things is known for providing large decor items to some of the best event planners in the business, and ranking high among our absolute most popular items are our bead curtains. We stock bead curtains in all sorts of colors and shapes, and we can custom order almost any type of curtain if we do not already carry what an event planner needs to make the Golden Globe Awards, the Emmys, a movie or TV set, or some other big event match the planner’s vision.

In the main photo, these are our Diamond Crystal Beaded Curtains on “Glee” ~ and we are in fact Gleeks here at Shop Wild Things!

What you might not know, though, is that we are — first and foremost — a family-owned and family-run company full of people who love DIY projects as much as they enjoy supplying major productions. We get a little starstruck when we see our bead curtains on “Dancing with the Stars,” but we *really* love it when our customers send us photographs that show off the ways that they live with our beads on their walls, in their doorways, hanging from their ceilings and patios… You get the idea. We like to see what you do with our decor, and we’re always selecting new things with you in mind.

Enter: Bead Curtains for Real People.
Whether you’re framing a ceremony against a gorgeous landscape, working with a large room that you want to break into more intimate spaces, or filtering light without sacrificing a great view, our ready-made bead curtains will incorporate color and a bit of bling with just a few minutes of work to install.

Add a bit of Colin Cowie flair to a beach wedding ceremony with Purple Acrylic Beads (2nd photo) against a crystal blue sky. (Be sure to anchor the beads at the bottom if you expect a windy day!)

Hang a coordinating Colored Bead Curtain, like in the 3rd photo, in a slim doorway to maintain an open feeling ~ and to avoid the cost of a custom door.

Or soften the light in an airy breakfast nook (4th photo) with natural material Shell Curtains.

Or, as in the final photo, subtly divide a room with a shimmering wall of beads.

Still a little intimidated? Watch this quick video showing you How to Install a Bead Curtain quickly and easily. Or call us ~ we’re happy to help.
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