Add razzle-dazzle to your stage sets, retail windows or special events with our super-sparkle Mackenzie beaded curtains from ShopWildThings. Each curtain has 23 strands of diamond-cut acrylic crystal beads that are faceted with tiny squares for maximum light reflection.

The alternating beads range in size from 3/4 inch to 1/2 inch on a curtain that's 35 inches wide and 70 inches long. Because the beads are molded directly to each strand, you can adjust the length by using a pair of scissors without beads scattering to the floor as a result.

Add decadent shine and sparkle to production sets, galas, wedding receptions or outdoor pavilion ceremonies. These Mackenzie diamond-facet beaded curtains make elegant backdrops for professional photo sessions. Hang them from doorways, ceilings or windows. Create gorgeous restaurant or nightclub backdrops. All it takes is two nails or hooks and two minutes to place. Click on our delightful how-to video.