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Shimmy Squares Curtains

Shimmy beaded curtains from ShopWildThings are each created with hundreds of super-shiny reflective squares that shimmer gloriously in gleaming silver or lush light gold. Add dazzle to your special event with these Shimmy bead curtains in doorways and as backdrops below our matching hanging Shimmy chandeliers.

shimmy metallic curtains

Shimmy Squares Curtains

Our line of Shimmy products have long been a popular hit at parties and events due to their dazzling looks, their lightweight yet durable design, their inherently fire resistant quality and their playful shimmy-ness! Made from flexible PVC sheeting, our Shimmy squares have a shiny finish which creates sparkling décor that instantly adds life to venues large and small!

PVC is IFR (Inherently Fire Resistant), making it an ideal choice for venues where this is required. We offer curtains, chandeliers and centerpiece kits so from ceiling to floor your guests will enjoy the shimmering effect which will make them want to shimmy the night away!

Each PVC bead (or square) is connected to the next with a slender metal split ring so it's easy to shorten or add length to adjust for size, and because they're so light weight, they move easily and reflect light beautifully with the slightest stir of air.

To get another idea of how these Shimmy Beads can be used, please check out this Stunning Masterpiece crafted by 1 of our clever customers, using a similar PVC bead called Spangles.