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Our Chandeliers Featured at The Special Event 2015

Our Chandeliers Featured at The Special Event 2015

We had such a fab time at The Special Event 2015! It's always a great conference and a chance to see what's hot in event design, to connect with many of the best event designers in the industry, and to continue to improve our customer service by seeing exactly what designers and planners are looking for in the new year.

In the main photo, this gorgeous simulated wedding reception hall showcases gorgeous silver chair covers, mirrored and metallic furniture, and dazzling square chandeliers. This reception setup is exactly the type that is so flexible in terms of color and mood, too. Lighting can completely transform the look, from event to event or even from moment to moment during the same reception.

We love seeing how fabulous event designers use our products in outside-the-box ways. In the 2nd photo, the large chandelier on the right side of this image is actually constructed of four white string curtains. This image shows how color can transform an area completely, and why large, reusable pieces in neutral colors ~ like chandeliers and string curtains ~ pack such a powerful design punch.

We're so proud of these exclusive new pieces ~ Collapsible Chandeliers that work equally well as hanging chandeliers or as inventive, reusable centerpieces. They come in super versatile clear and also in vivid colors. For brides who want a whimsical centerpiece that can be embellished with florals or stand alone, these are just hard to beat. You can use them as building blocks for elaborate focal points, or as a great way to stretch your floral budget.

The fuchsia chandelier turned centerpiece (3rd photo) is really a showstopper. Again, we love the addition of a few florals, and we can think of so many ways to incorporate these at weddings and events. And did we mention that they fold flat? We're still kind of marveling at that, tbh.

One of the most commented upon areas in all of this year's conference was this outdoor bar. The swagged chandeliers were a total wow, and the layers of light from chandeliers, candles and Mirrors combined a clean modern feel with just the right amount of romance. And of course, you can't go wrong with calla lilies and a few oversized engagement rings sprinkled around an open outdoor bar.

Whether you are looking too add to an enviable collection or to start your event design warehouse from scratch, The Special Event 2015 showcased some of the most versatile pieces in an event designer's bag of tricks. The knowledge and networking at the event are second to none, and the chance to see and touch Decor pieces is one of our favorite little perqs.

If you are wondering how to get the most design from your dollars, our customer service reps would love to talk to you about our high quality, reusable, and, um, "fabulous" event pieces. We ship from our huge warehouse of in-stock products, and we pride ourselves on getting you just what you need (even if you're not quite sure what that is!) when you need it. Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you translate today's hottest trends into your next event plan.
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