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Coming Soon! Room in a Box - "Seychelles" White Cotton - 3pcs

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We are tickled pink (and purple, blue, green and every color of the rainbow) to present our ˝Room-In-A-Boxţ product series to you. Each product grouping features one beautifully soft mosquito net bed canopy, one hanging lamp, and one beaded curtain. They have been specifically chosen to look adorable together. You═ll save some scratch too, as we═ve discounted the bundled price off of what they would be if you purchased each item separately.

This wonderful Room-In-A-Box includes one of each: "Seychelles" White Cotton Canopy, Genuine White Capiz Shell Curtain (adjustable length) and White Seashell Capiz 14" x 18" Chandelier

˝Seychellesţ White Cotton Canopy: Warning: This creamy cotton canopy will tempt you to stay in bed all day feeling glamorous and romantic. Yards and yards and yards and yards of buttery soft cotton are sewn together in perfect panels to create this canopy that will take the Decor of any room to the next level. When you add a bed canopy, you're adding visual height to the room, and filling in the airspace with softly moving architecture....for a very small investment! It will take you just a few minutes to hang and create a whole new look! 100% Cotton-White, top folding metal ring 2' ring diameter x 8.2' long x 39.4' fabric circumference. Canopy mounting hardware included.

White Capiz Shell Curtain: Add some tropical delight to your Decor with our luminous Genuine White Capiz Shell Adjustable Length Beaded Curtains! Measuring 35.5" wide and 72" long with 12 Capiz Shell Strands, this curtain will fit in a standard doorway. Each beautiful pearlized white shell is 2" in diameter and has a hole in the top and on the bottom with each strand connected to the next with a jump ring. The reason that we designed them like this is so that you can purchase extra curtains, remove the strands, and make this as long as you═d like by connecting more strands in minutes. There are so many uses for our shell beaded curtains, let your imagination run wild! This item is used by the Sandals Beach Resorts for their Beach Wedding gazebos! The wooden rod at the top features 2 metal eyelets for easy hanging. All you do is hang the metal eyelets over top of 2 nails or suspend them from c-hooks (or our popular Curtain Hanging Hooks) and you're done! The beads are already hanging from the rod so it literally takes 2 minutes to get this in place!

Capiz ˝Chandelierţ decoration: REAL capiz shells are hand drilled and hand strung and hand hung from a wonderful silver frame. The frame diameter is 14", shell strand length 18". This is a great item to hang at events, or in your home! You can also use this to set on top of vases for use as a wonderful centerpiece! There are 4 circular rings that make up the frame. The outside three rings hold the strands of capiz shells. There are a total of approximately 48 strands of shells. This decoration does not come with a light kit but we do sell them separately. You can also pick up a light kit at any local hardware store. This Decor also looks AMAZING without any lighting, just hang it up and enjoy.
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Coming Soon! Room in a Box - "Seychelles" White Cotton - 3pcs
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