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Chandelier "Marceau" Real Crystals - Black & Silver Shade - 17" x 18" - 1 Light - Hardwire

Item #: 770003
Item Specifics
17 inches
18 inches
17 inches
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Item Description
Hanging Crystal and Sheer Black and Silver Ribbon Chandelier.

Our amazing "Marceau" Hanging Ceiling Lamp is 18"Long x 17"Wide x 20.5"High.

The distinct lampshade is incredible! It has 2 layers of semi-sheer material in black and silvery/light gray stripes but what's so awesome is that you can see the inside layer of diagonal stripes through the outer layer of vertical stripes!

A thin strand of crystal clear gems ring the top and bottom of the shade which is 9.5" high by 17" in diameter.

The silver body is 15" long with 3 spiraled shafts and a 56" long cord, ready for hard-wiring. Marceau also comes with a 46" long silver chain and 8 crystal pendants along with a 1.75" faceted crystal clear ball that you can attach to the body (the body is equipped for the crystal bling but it is optional).

This lamp uses a 40watt maximum bulb (not included).

The ceiling cap is 4.5" in diameter and 2.5" deep. Assembly required.

This lamp weighs just over 7 lbs.

This classy fabric and crystals and metal chandelier would be stunning in any venue: a retail environment, in an entryway, kitchen, dressing room, bathroom, for parties, weddings and more. It's classy with real crystals and superior craftsmanship.
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Chandelier "Marceau" Real Crystals - Black & Silver Shade - 17" x 18" - 1 Light - Hardwire
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