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Black Decor

Black Decor

Find the biggest collection of black beaded curtains, black table décor and black decorating fabrics at ShopWildThings. Discover dozens of looks in curtains and canopies with sparkling or matte black beads in diamond-cut or contemporary shapes. Create a classy and memorable black and white or black and silver event decor with these high-style accessories.

Because our beaded curtains arrive with the strands attached to the rod, it takes just two nails and two minutes to hang them in doorways, as backdrops or as elegant room dividers. Our video tutorials demonstrate some terrific Decorating ideas.

Create a sophisticated look at VIP parties with exotic black faux trees adorned with battery-operated LED lighting. Browse our Manzanita black glitter tree branches for an upscale addition to any table setting or use our sexy black bed netting canopies for bedrooms or to frame seating arrangements at outside events.
Shop our luxurious black chandeliers with spangles, swirls or cascades of metal and acrylic crystal. Our large black tabletop "Candelier" stands 32 inches tall. We carry beautiful black garlands studded with shiny and matte black beads, leaves and faux pearls. We have party garlands with diamond-cut crystals in a smoky black hue.

Add exotic flair to a gala or catered dinner with black peacock quills, black ostrich feathers or black diamond-cut acrylic confetti. Decorate a retail window with metallic black curly glitter sprays or acrylic beaded floral sprays in black and teal.

For casual fun or retro parties, celebrate with our black paper lanterns, dark gray paper parasols, black and white polka dot or chevron treat bags. We have black and white striped paper straws, too. Browse our beautiful home décor selections in black and coordinating colors.

  • String curtains have 18 strings per inch versus 9 strings per inch at most mass market retailers
  • Beaded curtains come pre-assembled on one rod for two-minute installation (hanging extra-long curtains before untying is advised)
  • Fire-resistant coating is available with some black curtains
  • Black event décor is great for sophisticated events, black and white affairs, Gatsby-themed parties and more
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