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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Blog: On Point and On Budget: Lighting for Coffee Shops, Boutiques, and Retail Spaces
Blog: On Point and On Budget: Lighting for Coffee Shops, Boutiques, and Retail Spaces

Blog: On Point and On Budget: Lighting for Coffee Shops, Boutiques, and Retail Spaces

Whether it's a coffee shop with the perfect latte and the perfect cozy chair, or that little boutique that always has that perfect gift, you know the pleasure of a small shop that gets you and your style.

We love working with small retail shops and boutiques to create harmony between the physical space and the customer experience. Lighting is one of the best ways to create that perfect ambience that brings customers back, and it's one of the most cost effective ones, too.

Antique Filament Bulbs

Vintage Edison lights are perfect for coffee shops, bakeries, and other upscale eateries. They cast a warm glow, lend a bit of throwback industrial chic, and work seamlessly with a variety of other design elements for a pulled together, on trend look. Mix antique filament lights with any combination of wood, exposed brick, stone, and metal for a space that is just the right combination of warm and modern.

This coffee bar looks like just the place to set up a laptop, make friends with the barista, and work remotely. We adore the pairing of whitewashed brick, exposed metal beams, and reclaimed wood with live plants and Edison pendant lighting.

This customization bar exudes a collected cool vibe, with antique filament lighting and a unique collection of vintage bakeware lending panache to this high traffic area. (Pro Tip: Did you notice that the wall is made of unpainted cinderblock? Neither did we, really ~ that's how great lighting and innovative design save tons of money. Marrying great focal points like pendant lights that draw the eye down | away from the cinder blocks | and a colorful bakeware collection focuses customers' attention on the best parts of the space.)

Chic Boutiques and Chandeliers

When your intended effect is eclectic luxury, chandeliers are absolutely one of the most cost effective elements to signal that you're not fussy, but you're definitely a little fancy. This San Francisco tea shop mixes color, pattern, and great lighting in a space that is sure to make patrons want to sit and enjoy several cups of tea, again and again.

This coffee shop mixes chalkboard menus, retro appliances, and an over the top chandelier to create a vibe of unpretentious glamour. The combination of white and crystal also lightens the overall effect of the Decor, making the space seem larger and more inviting.

Finally, we have to show you a tea room that uses a stunner of a chandelier as a focal point for the entire seating area. The white chandelier balances the white furniture perfectly, and it adds just the right luxe element in a rustic inspired setting. We even spy a few tissue paper poms in the background. You had us at hello, but we do love a well placed pom.

Whether you are updating an existing retail location or creating your dream job in a new coffee shop, tea shop, or boutique, our super friendly customer service folks are ready to help you find the lighting and other Decor pieces that will give you the look you want while making the most of every dollar. (We're a small family business, so we absolutely get what it means to pour your heart and soul into your work, and also to maximize your investment for the good of your customers.)

We can even help you figure out how many lights to order and what shipping method to choose to be sure that they arrive in time for your grand opening (or re-opening). Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075 and let us help you get the perfect lighting and other elements for your style and your space.
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