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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  A Romantic Ballroom Reception Featuring Blush, Bashful and Bountiful Bling
A Romantic Ballroom Reception Featuring Blush, Bashful and Bountiful Bling

A Romantic Ballroom Reception Featuring Blush, Bashful and Bountiful Bling

The Head Table Showcases A Stunning Centerpiece Arch of Manzanita Trees and Crystals
Suspended Florals are one of the most gorgeous trends we've seen in years, and Yanni Design Studio excels at interpreting the hottest looks in unique ways. We know that Steel Magnolias and their likeminded sisters across the country will approve of this romantic head table, which situates the happy couple under an arch constructed of Manzanita Trees, florals and faceted ornaments suspended from crystal bead strands. And there"s perhaps no more timeless a color scheme than ivory and shades of pink ~ blush and bashful for the belles amongst you.

Simple Candles in tiered glass holders tie the look together, and staple Decor pieces form the backbone of this elegant design. If your budget has room for live florals, we definitely recommend them ~ along with the best quality of beads and crystals that you can afford ~ since they will be near eye level and thus subject to close inspection.

Ballroom Transformations 101
There is NO better ballroom transformation wizard in the business than Yanni Design Studio, and we are really delighted to be one of his go to sources for top quality event Decor. Working within the confines of a hotel ballroom (2nd photo), he has created an entirely custom space through strategic use of fabric wall drapes and, most importantly, by focusing guests" attention on the design within the room rather than on the room itself.

The centerpieces in this space are the collective showstopper, with tables alternating between tall candelabras transformed by sheer drum shades and elevated florals, all enhanced with plenty of swagged crystals and candlelight. Elevating the main centerpiece elements on Mirrored Stands increases their effect, facilitates conversation and multiplies the light in the room. Lovely doesn't begin to describe the centerpieces individually, and stunning seems insufficient to capture the effect of the room overall. We are simply in love with this ballroom transformation.

A Luxurious Candlelit Gift and Place Card Table Is an Event Calling Card, Too
A few well placed splurges (3rd & 4th photos) really make your reception memorable and the place card and gift tables are perfect places for a conversation piece. Virtually every guest will stop at, admire, and talk about this candlelit gift and place card table featuring a silver Manzanita tree, a bevy of crystal bead strands, live florals and tiered candle holders. It is lovely, mostly made of reusable pieces, and a pretty stop for each guest.

A slightly different angle shows the base of the Manzanita tree, complete with mirrored stand, votives and rose petals. As always, we recommend live florals in close up applications like this one, but we do carry fine quality faux florals if live blooms are a budget buster.

Our Instagram feed overfloweth with nationally known event gurus and the creations that they create to offer their couples the very best in modern wedding and event design. There"s nothing better than seeing ShopWildThings products in setup after setup and realizing that we had a tiny role in bringing brides" visions to life, and that our sustainable, high quality, reusable event Decor helped to make dreams come true for both brides and small businesses.

Our customer service folks would love to work with you to build a warehouse of design staples that you can sell, set up, wow guests with, and break down efficiently, providing the best return on your clients" investment and the most flexible building blocks for truly outstanding event design.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us help you choose, order, and have shipped the high quality event Decor that will take your business and your creativity to the next level.
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