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COMING SOON! Plumeria Garland "Wanika" Extra-Full 74" - Blush Pink

Item #: 167017
Item Specifics
3 1/2 inches
74 inches
Item Description
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Extra Full Blush Pink Plumeria Garland 74" Long Wedding & Event Silk Flowers

Elegant and impressive, always fresh and exquisite, the striking beauty of Hawaiian lei flowers has been captured in our Blush Pink Plumeria Frangipani Flower Garland "Wanika"! This lovely garland is 74" long (6 feet 2 inches) and each bloom is 3" wide but the garland is approx. 4" wide because the blooms cover all sides of the stem! So regardless of where you hang it or how you display it, this gorgeous garland presents all its glory from any angle AND the stem is completely flexible! Curve it, bend it or cut it.

In the main photo, you can see that Katie is holding 1 garland in her right hand, and in her left hand are 5 garlands to show what they look like in a group. You will get 1 garland with your purchase (but we think you should order a bunch, these are STUNNING!)...In the photo that shows a "wall" of these garlands, we simply hung 10 garlands right next to each other. This illustrates that you can hang them next to each other as a sort of room divider or backdrop wall of flowers!

This garland is so versatile - curve it, bend it or cut it. Hang from trees, encircle columns, banisters, balcony railings and handrails or line a walkway, drape from vases, Shepherd's Hooks and Wedding Arches. You can outline gift, cake and wedding party tables or lay down the center of a table and its flexibility allows you to weave it around candles, form a wreath or create a circle of flowers. You can also add some sparkle and dimension by intertwining with Crystal Garland Strands. Fabulous!

Create overhead magic by attaching this garland to a vine frame or hang on a Pipe & Drape Framework to create a dreamy ceremony setting. Our "Wanika" floral garland is so versatile and the lovely blooms give that romantic, exotic feel! Stop stressing over the cost and care of real flowers. Relax and enjoy your event by leaving the decorations to us!
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COMING SOON! Plumeria Garland "Wanika" Extra-Full 74" - Blush Pink
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