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Kissing Ball Plant Topiary Boxwood - 4 1/2"

Item #: 144273
Item Specifics
4 1/2 inches
4 1/2 inches
4 1/2 inches
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Item Description
Round Topiary Ball 4 1/2" Artificial Boxwood Vase Topper, Green Floral Centerpiece Decoration or Hanging Boxwood Ball

You just can't beat the convenience of artificial flora and you'll find this Boxwood Topiary Ball to be one of your favorite go-to elements when you quickly need to create a floral display! This 4" Boxwood Ball instantly adds color and texture and the true-to-life leaves are a glossy, deep green. Handy, practical, no mess, no hassle!

There is a minimum order of 2 boxwood balls.

This topiary can be used over and over and is the perfect filler for corners and areas that need "something". Simply place on a short vase and you're done but you can also mount it on a stem for a taller display. It looks charming on a mantel, as table decor, in a centerpiece arrangement, in a rustic wire or wooden basket and in both short and tall vases! To create contrast, pair with our 7" Boxwood Topiary Kissing Ball!
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Kissing Ball Plant Topiary Boxwood - 4 1/2"
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