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Home  >  Decor Photos & Ideas  >  Event Branding with Letters & Decor by David Stark Design - Using Silver Shimmy Curtains
Event Branding with Letters & Decor by David Stark Design - Using Silver Shimmy Curtains

Event Branding with Letters & Decor by David Stark Design - Using Silver Shimmy Curtains

Easy Customization and Sparkling Value

Looking for memorable branding for a corporate event? Wanting to spell out the happy couple"s new monogram with something other than a typical dance floor projection? Our huge selection of bead curtains is endlessly customizable and completely affordable, and bead curtains rock those applications (not to mention so many more). We have thousands of curtains in stock and ready to ship ~ in diamond crystal, iridescent, mirrored, colored, and wood finishes. Best of all, our shimmy and bead curtains check all the boxes: premium quality, durability, sustainability, and endless variety.

When the crew from David Stark Design called up with their ideas and plans for this very, very special event, there was a lot of brainstorming here at ShopWildThings. Kathi, the head cheese here, got involved and created the method by which to create these letters using our Shimmy Beaded Curtains. The result, as you can see, is stunning.

Add a mirrored shimmy curtain against a dark background, and you have a high contrast focal point that is elegant and effective. And if we can brag for a second, the top shelf quality of our bead curtains makes them ideal for this application, because they are heavy enough to hang solidly, and they are also made of premium materials that allow customization without compromising their structural integrity.

For a more subtle effect, a low contrast setup like this light wall with a mirrored shimmy curtain is also extremely striking. We heart the reflections created by this mirrored curtain, and adding simple lighting in the venue will magnify the impact.

Wondering whether you can figure out how to modify our bead curtains in real life? Whether you"re an experienced event designer or adding new skills to your repertoire, bead curtain customization is surprisingly easy and highly gratifying. (It"s also kind of fun and weirdly calming.) Removing beads is as simple as disconnecting jump rings to create the negative space needed for letters, shapes, or logos. In short, this effect is absolutely achievable even if it"s your first time, and even more so if you have a well thought out plan like this design super hero does.

We love to get work-in-progress photos like this one, partly because we like the behind-the-scenes stuff in general, and also because these shots show the many ways that simple materials like plywood and paper can make a seemingly complicated task totally doable.

We couldn"t help but notice how well this mirrored curtain reflects the everyday lighting in this design shop, too. How much more spectacular will it be in the actual event venue, if it is this effective against unfinished plywood and white paper?

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Shimmy is Available in Gold, Too!

Looking to stand out as you court your dream client? Have just the right bride to show off a technique that has not been done at every. wedding. this. decade? Customized bead curtains are the answer to lots of questions, including highly individualized branding that looks like a million dollars on a budget of $20-50 per curtain.

Bead curtains are one of the foundation pieces that we built ShopWildThings on, and we pride ourselves on continuing to source the best quality curtains and to offer them to you at the best prices. That"s why you"ll see our curtains on TV and movie sets as well as at luxury events around the world.

And you can have them in your hands for your next event, too. The nicest customer service folks in the industry are waiting at 1-928-855-6075. We"ll help you choose the right bead curtains and get them shipped wherever you need them to set your business apart from the competition, whatever your budget. Give us a call today, and let"s take your business to the next level.

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