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Chandeliers as Focal Points for Major Events

Chandeliers as Focal Points for Major Events

From outdoor galas to tented receptions to hotel ballrooms, we are always on the lookout for just the right new pieces to unleash our event designers' creativity. And when you're fortunate enough to work with the best in the event industry on a regular basis, and you provide quality products that work, they in turn show you new ways to use your design staples. For instance, Colin Cowie never ceases to wow us with stunning affairs that take elegance to the next level. The repeating line of chandeliers adds color and interest to a tent that has truly been transformed.

If you're working in a space with existing fixtures, or if you want a tiered effect using our chandeliers, this fabulous trick adds interest without breaking the bank: add String Curtains or square crystal columns to change the look completely. In case, you know, Oprah (squeal!) called and asked you to design a major event for her. Because Colin Cowie might be busy, and you just never know.

One of the most versatile and efficient products that we carry is an extensive in-stock line of collapsible chandeliers. Our large Gypsy Chandeliers come in a great range of colors, and they collapse for storage and transport, and they work suspended as traditional chandeliers, or sitting atop tables, or... Let's just say that we love these chandeliers so much that we bought out the factory just so that we could offer them exclusively to our customers. Because they really are limited only by your creative vision.

Whatever event you're designing, we know that great lighting is worth its weight in gold and really sets apart the truly fabulous from the kinda sorta. Our chandeliers (including large collapsible Gypsy chandeliers that we are so excited to offer) will fill out your lighting arsenal and give you an edge as you compete against the best event designers in your area. If you're wondering what you need, or how many to order, or if you just need someone to hold your hand a little while you take the plunge into major event design, call our on-site customer service representatives at 1-928-855-6075. They can reach out and touch our stock, guide you to just the right pieces, and be sure that everything arrives in your hands in time for your next event.
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