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Broadway Huge Beads - 4 Choices

Broadway Huge Beads - 4 Choices

We know you won't find our new super-chunky, super-gorgeous Broadway beaded curtains anywhere else. That's because we designed and made them right here at our American workshops at ShopWildThings. Each strand alternates bead styles from teardrop to round to oval, and all beads are faceted to create maximum sparkle.

These silver metallic bed curtains will add dazzle to restaurant doorways or as retail room dividers. Jazz up weddings and other special events with several metallic super-chunky beaded curtains as backdrops. Click on our Décor Photos & Ideas page to see how our beaded curtains have added five-star glamor to movie sets, Hollywood award galas and top TV shows like Dancing with the Stars.

Each curtain has 23 shiny silver strands strung 1 inch apart from a 3-foot rod. You can choose lengths of 6, 9, 12 or 20 feet. The bead styles include 3/8-inch irregular round beads, 3.25-inch long teardrop-shaped beads and 3/16-inch by 2-inch irregular oval shapes.
  • Available in 6', 9', 12' and 20' lengths
  • 23 strands per 3' rod
  • 3 bead styles on each strand
  • Free shipping on qualifying orders
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