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Budget Friendly Hacks for Luxurious Floral Centerpieces

Budget Friendly Hacks for Luxurious Floral Centerpieces

Layered Centerpieces Bring Loads of Style and Elegance to Your Celebration
The crème de la crème events so often get their signature style from the layered goodness that impresses in every direction. In the main photo, the centerpiece combines low florals and votives, mid height crystal candelabras, and tall candelabras and vases of abundant florals.

Love the look but need a wallet-friendly hack? Situations like these call for event professionals’ super powers: a warehouse of rentable staples and some super realistic faux florals.

Simply stated, we’ve been converted by the charms of Realistic Faux Florals. These are not the dusty fake flowers of your grandmother’s house and the church restroom. They look and feel so real, and they are right for so many occasions ~ they’re low maintenance and easy to set up, don’t need water, won’t wilt, and can be used at event after event as a budget maximizer for your clients.

(Hint: If you’re an event professional whose super powers need a little recharge, we can help with everything from sprucing up your sets to adding whole lines of setups that you’ll sell over and over. Faux florals are a great place to start.)

And if you’re a DIY maven, we can absolutely help you get the right products and quantities so that your event lives up to your vision.

In the 2nd photo, a fresh take on layered luxury, this swag and suspended centerpiece showcases orchids, greenery, votives, and tropical florals. For a budget-friendly hack, check out our extensive selection of lookalike faux florals and Greenery that will work weekend after weekend without wilting, water, or whining, and get the looks that you love on a budget that your brides will adore.

Class Centerpieces with a Faux Floral Reboot
Nothing says classic centerpiece like abundant florals in Tall Vases, as in the 3rd photo. This is a setup that you can use for so many different events just by changing the lighting. For maximum return on your investment, we suggest starting your collection of realistic faux florals with white versions of your favorites, and then use event lighting as shown here to get the colors that your brides want. As you branch out (ha), add the most popular floral colors and shift your event lighting budget to additional wow! features.

Finally, for a modern twist on the classic tall vase centerpiece, add Acrylic Beaded Branches above and sprinkle some fairy strands throughout your reception, as in the final photo. Once again, we love classic white blossoms as a starting point for up to date luxury, and also as a great base for your faux floral collection. We stock a variety of branches that will bend to your will and perform at their peak for event after event. Layer Fairy Lights on top and you have an eventscape that will work from sunup to the stroke of midnight with style to spare.

We take seriously our reputation as a friendly family business that is tops in service and in quality. It took us a while to come around to faux florals ~ because we do love real blooms. A lot.

But for applications where a floral hack is necessary, whether to keep the bottom line in bounds, to keep the event looking fresh in a harsh environment (I’m looking at you, Deep South and Desert Southwest), or to focus dollars on other parts of the wedding or event, you just can’t beat great quality faux florals for value and effect.

Give us a call at 1-928-855-6075, and let us show you what modern faux florals can do for your event design business. From centerpieces to floral walls and in every vase between, we would love to work with you to offer your clients unparalleled style and value for their event design budgets.
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