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These unbelievable strands of butterflies will knock your socks off. Made out of real feathers and topped with intricate designs. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted. The back of the feathers are held sturdy with a clear backing that doesn't detract from the look at all...and ensures that your feathers will stay in good shape.

Each Butterfly Garland is 72" long and has 10 butterflies spread evenly on monofilament line. There is a loop at the top of each garland for easy hanging. The bottom is finished in a nice round clear acrylic pendant for the perfect touch of class.

Butterfly sizes:

Wingspan: 6"

Height: 3"

Strand Length: 72"

Colors: Peacock colors of green, yellow, purples etc!

ABSOLUTELY BREATHTAKING when hung in a "bunch"!

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CLEARANCE! Butterfly Garland - Peacock Colors 72" Long
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